We have a very experienced packaging team that ensures that all orders are packaged in the most discreet manner possible. We constantly upgrade our packaging methods to ensure that it is the best. With the current packaging method we are using, we have not lost even a single package to customs ever since we started using it. So, if you are contemplating on placing an order with us, and discreet packaging is a concern for you, then we guarantee you 100% that you have absolutely nothing to worry in this regard.

– Our main markets are USA, UK, CA, Australia. UAE, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. and Mongolia, about 60% of our orders come from these countries, but we have customers from all over the globe, and we have not had any issues shipping to any country we have had an order from.

– We mostly ship from our main warehouse, which is in China, but there are some products we provide which are being shipped from our warehouses in India or Brazil.

– We ship by EMS, FedEx, DHL, USPS. We will always use the most suitable shipping service for your package destination, but some customers prefer to use a particular shipping service for their package as they think it is best for them. In such cases, we will respect the customer’s request, but it should be noted that it will be made known to the customer before the shipping is done that; in case of any problems of seizure while using the method requested by them, we will not take any responsibilities for the loss.

– We equally ship by Ocean freight for orders from ton and above.

– All orders are processed, and tracking provided within 24 – 48hours (working days) after order confirmation, this also depends on the stock availability of the product ordered.
But in any case, it won’t take more than 4days.

– All our prices include shipping cost (for regular shipping). And for customers who will want to receive their order faster than the regular shipping time (5 – 10days), you will have to pay an extra fee for express shipping and this amount will depend on the shipping courier used.

– We do not offer any guaranteed delivery dates or time, as we cannot be certain of that, so we can only give you an estimated delivery date for your order.